This trick sounds too good to be true. This is how your body is cleaned naturally without lifting a finger. It all happens, literally, while you sleep. The secret is our feet. And of course a vegetable that possesses legendary properties. 
Asian alternative medicine has known for centuries that feet inhabit a special role within the body. This is because they are divided into zones that are connected to other parts of your body. This knowledge can also be found in the Chinese science of acupuncture, where through stimulation of specific points on the foot, pains from other body parts are almost magically alleviated.

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First, use a knife to cut off a slice of an onion.
It’s better to use organic onions. You definitely don’t want pesticides on your bare skin. The slice should also be flat and not too thick so that it doesn’t become uncomfortable.
Put the onion slice on the sole of your foot and pull a sock over it so it doesn’t slip.
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The benefits…
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  1. Your blood is cleaned. Onions contain phosphates which will be absorbed by your feet, leading to a purifying effect.
  2. Bacteria and germs are filtered out of the blood and killed off.
  3. Your feet will smell better (even if that sounds funny after using an onion). All of the toxins and chemicals are extracted by the onion. That is how the air is cleaned its vacinity.
This useful trick isn’t just for the health conscious among us, but for anyone who wants to do something good for their body occasionally without too much effort. Even in the case of an illness, this is a brilliant and uncomplicated boost for your immune system.
Share this easy-peasy method that does something good for your body while helping to give you the upper hand in the case of an illness. 


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