I hope you’ve stayed at a hotel at some point in your life. That means you must have unwrapped a new bar of soap and before it was finished the housekeeping might have replaced with another one. But this made me know a better way to do it.
We Americans are privileged to have most basic items in abundance. Most of us take that for granted and forget there are people who do not have clean water, food and clothing. We never feel guilty whenever we throw away half-eaten food and some of the things that are barely used.
Now, we are giving you some reason to think again the next time you’re disposing soap.
Hand-washing is something that saves thousands of lives across the world. But, have you known there are thousands across the world who do not have access to soap and are dying from diseases.That’s what as a company, Clean the World is trying to change. It has partnered with Global Soap Organization to distribute unused hotel soaps to those who cannot afford them in developing countries. The old soaps are ground, sterilized and pressed to come up with a new bar. As we speak, more than 25 million soaps have been distributed in 99 countries.
Normally, the simple ideas we come up with can end up changing the world in a big way.

H/T http://video-38.amazing-stories.tv/she-was-bagging-used-guest-soap


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