Of all days, it was Friday the 13th when Quincy finally had his dream come true. The accompanying photo of the fateful day has since gone viral. No wonder since this story is so fantastic.
That is 2-year-old Qunicy Kroner. For the last few months he has waited eagerly every week for the garbage collectors to come. He is fascinated by the large  truck that they drive. 
His parents thought that he had too much of an imagination after he told them that the collectors always waved to him. But one day they saw it themselves - Quincy stood in the window and the trash men waved to him like an old friend.

Facebook/Ollie Kroner
When Quincy first learned how to use the potty, his parents gave him quite the surprise: as a reward they gave him a toy garbage truck. The toddler was deliriously happy and could not wait to show his heroes his new favorite toy.
Facebook/Ollie Kroner
But then came the big day: Quincy was allowed to go out to meet the brawny men for the first time. He darted to the trash men immediately when he saw them. But it became suddenly too much for the little guy. His parents allowed him to even take a photo with the collectors, but he was so flustered that he broke into bitter tears. That’s the origin of this photo. Luckily, the shock lasted just a couple minutes and Quincy was still able to enjoy meeting his heroes afterwards.
Facebook/Ollie Kroner
This picture shows us two things: you don’t have to be a super hero to be a role model. And: there is nothing more beautiful than a child’s unbridled enthusiasm! Reading this story, you really start to feel almost like a kid again. Even the trash men themselves will never forget this incredible moment. Share this heartwarming story to spread the joy.


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