The little girl you’re meeting in this video is alive thanks to her best friend – a little goldendoodle who’s full of dedication. The carries the 3-year-old’s oxygen tank around and ensures she never misses playing like other toddlers.
The little girl uses a tube when breathing in most instances and Mr. Gibbs who has undergone training helps her a lot. Mr. Gibbs follows Alida everywhere she goes in the family’s ten-acre piece of land that’s located in Louisville, GA.
From the time when she was an infant, Alida has always struggled with NEHI (neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy.) victims of NEHI find it hard to breath without an oxygen tube. Since walking with the equipment around the compound could be difficult, they decided to get her a service dog. Mr. Gibbs was then acquired.
From the time the two met, they established a beautiful relationship and the service dog has learnt everything that Alica needs to be happy and comfortable. Watching this video will let you know how happy the incredible pair is.



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