The following unfortunate incident took place at a restaurant named Laurenzo in Houston, TX. A 5-year-old boy named Milo who suffers from Down syndrome had visited the restaurant.
It’s normal for those suffering from the condition to make funny sounds and when those seated near Milo heard him make them, they started complaining. WhenMichael Garcia, a waiter noticed that, he requested the complaining family to move to another table. They were still not satisfied since the father was heard saying that children with special needs had to be placed in a special place.
That’s when the waiter was prompted to make a stand. According to him, it was completely against the rights of the child to attack him. He let the family know that he was not going to serve them and amid a huff, they left the restaurant.
The kind of courage and compassion Michael had shown made him the hero of the day. You have to see the way Milo’s mother reacted to learn that there was someone ready to defend the rights of her child.
It’s amazing to know that good people exist out there!



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