This might just be the most unforgettable 911 call of all time (and thankfully that's because it was adorable instead of heartbreaking).
In the call, a 911 dispatcher is on the line with five-year-old Savannah after her father starts having bad chest pains. The little girl from Hancock, Indiana, stays calm on the line as she provides the dispatcher with information on her father's condition. She makes sure to comfort Dad every step of the way.
Listen to the call below. Her hilarious priorities left me in stitches after the dispatcher told her the ambulance was on its way.
Thanks to little Savannah, her father got the help he needed, which shows you how important it can be to talk to your kids about what to do in an emergency. It's good to teach them how to ask for help, and then to rehearse the process with them so that they can act quickly like Savannah.
Judging by how calm and collected she remained throughout the ordeal, we may have a future doctor on our hands.


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