It’s time to use our imagination! You find yourself peering out into the ocean.

What do you feel? What is your first impression? 

You find yourself walking through a dark, dank forest.

What do you feel when you look down at the ground in this forest?

You find yourself staring at a flock of flying seagulls.

 What do you feel?

You find yourself hiking through a canyon and you see a group of wild horses running along.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

You find yourself walking through a desert and you find an oasis.

What do you do?

In that same desert, you’ve gone on too long. You’re totally exhausted. Suddenly, you see a water jug?

What do you do with it? 

Instead of a desert, you find yourself lost in the woods. You find a house with no lights on.

What do you do?

You’re lost in a fog.

What would you do?

Ready for some answers?

#1 represents your attitude toward life and sensations.
#2 represents how you feel toward your family.
#3 represents how you feel toward women.
#4 represents how you feel toward men.
#5 represents your overall strategies and life goals, indicative of how you solve your problems.
#6 represents your sexual life and ideal partner.
#7 represents your readiness for marriage.
#8 represents your attitude toward death.


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