Is that myth ever going to die? People still think that baking soda is the pastry powder that contains aluminium in it. Baking soda doesn’t have a gram aluminium in it. It never had and never will have. The advertisement tricks have convinced millions that it has, and the simplest chemistry is in question. You can buy it at any store – a sure, economical source of sodium bicarbonate unlike any other expensive marks that claim that their product doesn’t have aluminium to trick their customers.
Baking soda (for human usage, not for cooking) is falsely accused and we need to prove her innocent. The first thing you need to do to be sure that you have quality baking soda is to find on the package that it is 100 % pure.
Where did the confusion come from?
It began 10 years ago when people started confusing the process of making pastry powder with baking soda, because some web sites started spreading this information. If you are looking for something that contains aluminium, try searching for pastry powder and not baking soda.
Both of these products can be used for dough swelling and you can add them both to the dough so that they would create carbon dioxide and make the dough to swell. The pastry powder contains sodium, but they are not the same and can’t be used for the same purposes.
You can see on the picture that the similarity is only in 25% of baking soda.
The pastry powder contains sodium bicarbonate, but also a tartar and starch.
The typical composition of the powder is 30% sodium bicarbonate, 5-12% monocalcium phosphate and 21-26% sodium aluminium phosphate.
Tests have shown that most of the baking powders have the similar composition. The reason for this same composition can be found in the regulations of FDA that asks for all the baking sodas to release 12% carbon dioxide at the most. In other words, it has been regulated by rules the cause of the baking soda, and the variations are minimal, almost unnoticeable. Because of the cancer causing aluminium found in the pastry powder we should be worried how some sellers claim that they have pastry powder with double effect and no aluminuim, which is a lie.
Medical solution of baking soda that is given intravenous to patients after certain physical shocks.
It is important that we understand that the baking soda is completely different from the baking soda, the baking powder is used for the dough to grow faster, while the sodium bicarbonate is produced in our body.
The baking soda can be made in your home, but this product will never have the same form and influence as the one made in factory, but if we need to choose between these two, we would choose home-made product so we can regulate the composition of it and we know for sure that there aren’t any metals and we won’t be poisoned.
baking soda is also a cure for many different kinds of pain.
As we already mentioned, sodium bicarbonate is a substance that is naturally made in our organism to remove the harmful oxidation and many different acids made in the processes of metabolism.
It also regulates pH of the blood and other body liquids.
For the body to be working properly, the pH should be between 7,35 and 7,45. In fact, it is very close to the value of the water. So, the more our body is closer to the value of 7,45 pH, we are more immune to illnesses.
There are plenty of scientists that understand how important the positive effect of baking soda is to us



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