Sometimes life provides the most compelling stories. This one is truly stranger than fiction. But, it’s something that happens everywhere around the world. When I read the end I couldn’t help but smile and yell “Bingo!”
After a normal day at the office, a husband and father of three comes home exhausted. But, what he sees there turns him into a pillar of salt. For a bomb has surely gone off in his family nest and brought about chaos and desolation: the three children are on a rampage in their pajamas on the front lawn and are hurling mud pies at one another. Around them there is a godawful pile of juice boxes and hamburger cartons. Their second car’s door is wide open in the garage, as well as the front door. The loyal family dog is nowhere to be seen.
The husband carves a path carefully through the chaos towards the front door. It gets even worse: the living room looks like a battlefield. The expensive designer lamp shade has been repurposed as a frisbee and lies in pieces on the floor. The Persian rug, which normally lies at the entrance, is glued to the wall with some kind of sticky substance. The television is blaring at full volume, showing the adventures of the roadrunner and the coyote. There isn’t a clean spot on the floor. Toys, lollipop wrappers, doll, clothes, and destroyed coloring books are strewn everywhere. And that was just the beginning!
One look into the kitchen and the catastrophe is confirmed: the sink is full of dirty dishes. The leftovers from breakfast tell him what was on the menu (hopefully porridge…). The refrigerator door is open and smeared with wet dog food. And to top it all off, something crunches under his foot: his favorite coffee mug has been detonated into a thousand pieces, the remains mixed into a mountain of sand. And that isn't all…
He rushes quickly up the stairs, fighting his way over toys and discarded clothing and  before finally reaching the master bedroom. “My wife has to be her somewhere,” he thinks, somewhat desperately. “For Christ’s sake, what if something happened to her?!? Something is seriously wrong!”
He winces as he steps in something squishy. It’s a puddle in front of the bathroom. The sink is clogged with pieces of toilet paper. Towels cover the floor, an attempt to stop the deluge. Body wash is floating on top of the sink and soap bubbles are forming. The mirror is decorated with toothpaste, written “Home sweet home!”
Now, nothing can stop him. He dashes into the bedroom and finds what he was looking for: his wife is laying calmly in their bed, still in her favorite nightshirt, smiling as she reads a book. She looks up shortly as her husband bursts panting into the bedroom. She asks casually: “Hi honey, how was your day?” He can’t believe his ears and is only capable of stammering out, “What … happened … here …?”
She smiles, unperturbed, and says: “You know how you come home and always ask me what I did all day?” He is only able to mumble a guilty, “Yes…”
“Well, darling, I didn’t do it today. Did you notice?”
You simply can’t put it any better. The time is more than ripe to show our women, who pull all the strings and free their husbands of obligations, the thanks and respect that they deserve. This little anecdote gets straight to the point.


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