“My brother was an orphan and he lived in Bulgaria”, Ace says as she starts telling the story of her adopted brother Archie. She is sending a message to the world in this video, and it is so heart-warming and moving to watch.
Her (now) brother, Archie, was born with Down syndrome. Once his parents realized he had Down syndrome, they had decided to give him away. The process of adopting a child is not only long, but also a troublesome one, which takes up a lot of energy. Luckily, the people who go through this do it nevertheless, because they have their mind set to accomplish that goal of bringing their new loved-ones to their new home, and so through the tireless efforts of his new parents, he has found a new, loving family, and started his life fresh.
Many times throughout the video he hugs her. Adorable. We are glad that Archie has found such a lovely new home,, with such loving and caring sister, with whom he has a strong bond.

h/t http://fb24.allviralposts.com/he-was-rejected-at-birth-his-now-sister-would-like-to-have-a-word-with-us-all/


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