This video shows a BART police officer slamming an intoxicated woman to the ground at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, an incident that she says in a federal lawsuit broke her teeth and bones in her face and left her unconscious in a pool of blood.
Megan Sheehan of San Francisco filed a federal lawsuit against the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department, saying officers used excessive force when they detained her during a drunken night on St. Patrick’s Day in 2014.
In U.S. District Court documents, Sheehan says she plans to amend her lawsuit to include the city of Oakland, as well as an Oakland police officer she claims held her hand back during the fall.
The officers’ actions were “willful, wanton, reckless, malicious, oppressive and/or done with a conscious or reckless disregard” for Sheehan’s rights, according to the lawsuit.
In court papers, attorneys for BART denied any wrongdoing, saying Sheehan had tried to punch Pianta. They cited Pianta’s police report, in which he wrote that he had used an “arm bar takedown” and “guided her to the ground.” That description is at odds with the video footage.



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