This is the hardest part of my life. The four minutes I will never wish for!
Teleflora service delivery that delivered the flowers wished her unforgettable Mother’s Day. Least did she knew it will come true.
The woman was moved by the gift her kids gave her. I was personally shocked to see how the kids loved their mom. Ryan was grateful to his mom for the sacrifices she has made for him. The mother gave up her occupation as an athlete and gave birth to him. She worked hard to make sure he lacked nothing even if she was a single mom. She made sure he was well disciplined even in school. Today Ryan is an American Navy Commander.
Mom was in tears when Teleflora gave her the clip. I cannot hold my tears!
This is just the start of this unbelievable surprise. You need to watch the clip to see the gift he gave his mom on this special day.
The clip left me thinking and regretting why I have never appreciated my mom for her role in my life. She has sacrificed so much for me and for the family.
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