Back in June 2014, one boy paid Normand, France a visit. It was the D-Day invasion’s 70th anniversary and the 11-year old boy had come up with a project which he called “Project Vigil.” The young boy spent four days teaching tourists and visitors about 3 paratrooper that had been laid to rest within the American Cemetery.
When the actual D-day celebrations were being done, the boy was not allowed by the local police entry into the cemetery. The boy then went to the Omaha Beach with an American flag and then planted it into the sand. He thanked all the Americans who had lost their lives 70 years ago fighting against evil and fascism.
He stood near the water holding the flag firmly and while the other hand was saluting for more than 1½ hours. This video features the boy’s way of honoring the heroes on that particular day and you will be amazed by his dedication.
As a patriotic American, this boy’s acts will surely touch you. Kindly watch this video and let us know what you think of it.



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