This is an interesting and simple method for harmonization of your body. Find out how to heal all your pain in your body just with the help of your fingers. If you want it to work on every organ just hold your finger for 3-5 min and you will feel the difference immediately.

Organs: stomach and spleen
Emotions: depression and anxiety
Physical symptoms: pain in the stomach and headache
Index finger
Organs: kidneys and urine tract
Emotions: disappointment and fear
Physical symptoms: toothache, pain in the muscles and back
Middle finger
Organs: liver and gall
Emotions: indecision and rabies
Physical emotions: migraine, problems with blood circulation and menstrual pain
Ring finger
Organs: colon and breast
Emotions: sadness and negativity
Physical symptoms: asthma and respiratory problems
Baby finger
Organs: heart and bowers
Emotions: anxiety and lack of self-respect
Physical symptoms: pain in the bones, stomach, throat and heart


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