Wrapping up in plastic wrap has become a popular cosmetic procedure whose effect is based on the hothouse effect. This improves the circulation and the production of the sweat glands by which the toxins are eliminated.
Wrapping up in a plastic wrap is used for losing weight, detoxification and improving the skin condition. There are many different ways of wrapping up, and each one of these ways is effective in its own way. Here we will present two of the most effective methods of wrapping up in a plastic wrap for losing weight, detoxification and getting rid of the cellulite.
Wrapping up with honey
Honey layers: warm the honey in a pot, add 1 yolk and several drops of citrus aetheral oil (lemon, orange). Put this layer on the problematic areas (legs, belly, thighs) and wrap yourself up tightly on the paper. Put on warm clothes and lay in bed covered with a blanket. Remove the plastic wrap after half an hour and have a shower.
Wrapping up with clay
Anti cellulite wrapping up with clay is the best way for burning the fat deposit. It is best to use the blue clay because it contains a large number of micro elements that have a positive effect on the skin. Dissolve the clay with a little warm water until it starts to look like frozen yoghurt and rub it on the problematic areas. Wrap yourself up in the plastic wrap and leave it for one hour. During this one hour you can do exercises.
Wrapping up in plastic wrap should be done at least twice a week and you will soon be surprised by the fascinating results. You can get rid not only of the fat and cellulite, but also the stretch marks. By wrapping up your skin will be protected with the useful micro elements and it will become soft, tender and elastic.
For e better effect, it is best if you do piling before the wrapping up.
Advantages of the plastic wrap:
  1. If you go to fitness or do physical exercises three times a week, and during the exercises you wrap up the problematic zones and regulate your diet, you can easily lose 2 to 3 kg.
  2. The plastic wrap is cheap – we can all buy it.
  3. You can wrap up not only your stomach, but also your hands and legs.
  4. It helps in body shaping
  5. When you sweat – you lose weight and with the help of the plastic wrap – it’s an ideal combination.
  6. Helps in improving the skin quality, it’s effective and fights against cellulite.
Warning: wrapping up is contradictory for people with weak heart, high blood pressure, cardio vascular illnesses and varicose veins.


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