Fancy was actually given a second chance of life. She was going to be slaughtered at the time she was rescued. She had all in her; from being scared, anxious, to being completely tired, and worse of all, she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, nearly giving birth.
Then the unexpected happens, as this group known as, Crossfire Equine Rescuing Texas, which their work is to find homes for the needful horses. Annie Shurtleff, together with her staff, flocked the place just in time to rescue Fancy, and give her a new life.
Rescuing her was not the only thing that they performed, as they went ahead to sleep in the bam too. They wanted to ensure Fancy had enough comfort. After a lot of care taking, and patience, Fancy took no time in revealing her sweet and loving character. They could note that she would become a good mama in a matter of time!
The most awaited time came. She delivered without any impediment at all, to a very healthy Palomino filly. You will get surprised to see how the two relate with each other!
This was possible due to the efforts of the staff that filmed the video, from the time she gave birth to the relationship of the two.
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  Source: Fancy the mare and her foal are rescued from a life of despair...


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