If there is an exciting song with nice and pleasing beats that has made a hit all over the world, it is “Uptown Funk” sang by Mark Ronson, last November.
The views of the song since it was released, are estimated to be over 750 million, which is about 10% of the world’s population!
Due to a mass listening and viewing of the song, there is no doubt as to why numerous videos have been recorded from singers trying to imitate the suave moves of Bruno Mars et al. it is like everybody has added a bit of his coil to the original song! Whichever the function, people sing and dance to the song because they really love it.
Just to have an addition to the mixture of self-produced musical architects, WI, a responder of Rock County, has added a public safety lip label to their personal produced videos, which will make you smile for sure.
This is the kind of spirit and positive energy that we like, brought about by our local heroes. They are not the best dancers of the universe, but they are the most fanatical!
The video is a thrilling one especially when it is at 1:09, with the police force and the firemen. Watch it and let us know of your opinions.
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h/t http://firemen.worthytoknow.net/firemen-first-responders-sing-along-hit-song-amazing


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