Wile you watch this video below, at first your going to doubt the footage and assume its just another hoax, but the consistency of this weird bright together with its constant movements convinced us otherwise. There’s no doubt the man behind the camera, who was riding his bike when he stopped to capture this video, meant every shocking statement during the captured video below,  so the question remaining is… what is this? how ?
Some speculate that he was witnessing “crown flashing”, which is a rare phenomenon that happens when the ice crystals in the clouds align perfectly with the constantly shifting magnetic fields that are caused by the electrical activity of a storm. – Sounds spectacular right ? Well the planet truly is.  The shifting crystals then cause the light to reflect and move as seen in the below video.
Our world is just a beautiful place, we should at points of our day just stop, and appreciate our surroundings.
h/t http://fb41.allviralposts.com/he-was-riding-his-bike-when-he-stopped-to-capture-this-shocking-footage-of-omg/


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