Cops can sometimes wow people.
Here’s Officer Nick Struck, and he works with Brighton, Co police. Then there’s this incident that has been in the national news.
There was a fatal car accident in which a couple and their 4 kids were involved, and Nick arrived at the scene to witness a heart-wrenching sight.
He then spots a 2-year-old girl who had survived the accident and goes over to her. He can see the kid is freaked-out, so he has to do something to help the situation. He has to calm her.
Officer Nick Struck did the one thing that took even another witness by surprise. He sang to her. Nick’s fatherly qualities went beyond his family, and he sang to her the same lovely song he always sings to his own child. “ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”
A witness couldn’t help but get the two on camera, with Nick holding the kid so close to him. You can feel the paternal love in him just by watching. The image has gone viral, with lots of praises for the hero cop.
After all, not all cops are on the other side, and if you agree that most cops are good cops, SHARE this clip on Facebook and let people know.



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