Olga and Jaylin as dancers form the Freckled Sky dance group with Val who is choreographer acting as their director. Not long ago, they showcased their talent when they took the stage at America’s Got Talent. Judges and the crowd were amazed by the group’s unusual and unique talent.
Whenever the different competitors take the stage in such a show, they’re aware that it’s a do or die situation to progress all the way. That means different competitors have to give their best to ensure they succeed. From the way the crowd reacted, the Freckled Sky group certainly gave their best and most people will be looking forward to watching their performances on a regular basis.
I believe it takes some incredible talent and an outstanding choreographer like Val to give such a talented performance. There is no time you will ever regret attending such a performance whenever you get a chance to. This is one of the best refreshing performances I have ever had the chance of watching in my life.
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