Anne Hollis, a mother of two daughters, who lives in a small town in Central Illinois, confessed that on one morning way back in April 2011, upon waking up one morning, they found out that their homes and cars had all been spray painted. The words painted on their property clearly stated: RETARDS, GET OUT OF HERE, among other unpleasing words.
All this happened because Anne Hollis had borne two daughters, Meg and Alina, both of them whom had Down syndrome. Anne reveals that the very day that happened was the day that her life came to a total turning point.
Instead of shutting their mouths and assuming that nothing had happened, the Hollis boys aged 6 and 7 years decided to make a footage which was to speak about their sisters. After inquiring for help, their parents promised to give them a hand on the video making. It was until early 2012 when they publicly declared for the abolition of the word RETARD. It is a really interesting video, although painful for the affected family to take a step forward because of the insults from the paintings.
It was clear in the video that these two brothers were suffering from heartache from the insults thrown to their sisters.
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