In the 1940s, there was that dancing group called the Ross Sisters. Elmira, Maggie, and Aggie made their name after they pulled off some very impressive performances of “Solid Potato Salad”in the Broadway Rhythm, a film that also caused some real buzz within the entertainment industry.
The three sisters were born in Texas, and their acrobatics made every critic nod to the fact that the kids were really awesome.
After they built their popularity in the US, their star shone brighter and they moved to Europe, where they even got a chance to entertain Queen Elizabeth and KingGeorge II of the United Kingdom in 1946. They pulled that off at the London Palladiumduring the Royal Variety Performance. Yes, even the King smiled.
By the 50s, they had all been married, but that didn’t bring an end to their legacy. YouTube is one thing that we should all love, because thanks to it, we can relive those great moments of their epic performances and watch them today!
This color-enhanced video featuresthe Ross Sisters in one of their classics, and you can say it’s just awesome.
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