Whoever is unfortunate enough to land in Michael Cicconetti's court in Painesville, Ohio must prepare themselves for an ordeal. The judge has practiced what he calls “creative justice” for almost 21 years. He steadfastly follows the motto “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” One incident, where a victim was allowed to spray the culprit with pepper spray directly in the face, illustrates this clearly! “I don’t want people to end up back in court again,” explains the father of 5. “That’s why I’m not afraid to scare them so much.” Here are some of his craziest sentences.

Facebook/Mike Cicconetti
1. A couple was caught having sex in a park. Afterwards, the exhibitionists had to clean the entire park, including ALL the used condoms laying around. And they had to take an ad out in the newspaper apologizing to the entire town and everyone who had seen it.
flickr/Parbak Sarka
2. A woman abandoned 35 kittens in the forest during the winter. In order to make her feel what the kittens had felt: she had to spend a night in the forest in the middle of November: without a blanket, food, water, or tent. But because the temperatures were so low, the judge showed some pity: the woman was allowed to start a fire.
flickr/Tambako The Jaguar
3. A man called a police officer a pig. His punishment: he had to stand next to a 350-pound pig in front of a police station with a sign saying, “This is not a police officer.”
flickr/Quinn Dombrowsli
4. A man who drove drunk was sent to the morgue. There he had to look at the already-dead victims of a car accident caused by another drunk driver.

flickr/Alisha Vargas
5. A woman skipped out on paying a taxi fare. Michael Cicconetti ordered the woman to walk 30 miles in 48 hours. The distance of her taxi ride.
flickr/Jay Santiago
6. A man stole a donation box from the Salvation Army for homeless people. The sentence: he had to spend 24 hours on the street as if he was homeless.
flickr/Sascha Kohlmann
7. A group of high school students slashed a school bus's tires at school. A group of elementary students, who were planning to use the bus, had to cancel their field trip on the next day. The judge sentenced them to throwing a huge picnic for all of the younger students.
flickr/Alisha Vargas
Michael Cicconetti’s inventive verdicts don’t save the culprits from fines or time in prison, but they can lower their sentence. Whoever has the misfortune of a visit to his court surely won’t end up there again! When this unconventional use of justice also gave you a laugh, then share the story of this unusual judge!


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