These Roswell, GA police officers, were seriously unhappy when they responded to a 911 call about the wellbeing of two dogs. They were left in hot cars at the Home Depot Parking lot.
Lisa Holland revealed thatupon reaching the place, the dogwas troubled, panting heavily in the back seat, where the temperature measured 150 degrees, while the outside one was 97 degrees.
This led them to share this message on Facebook so that it can create awareness:
some things are saddening like seeing a dog left in a car at a parking lot, like today when a customer saw the same and alerted us. The dog was under extreme temperatures inside the vehicle which upon cracking the front window, they measured 150 degrees, while the outside one was 97 degrees. This was happening while the owner was inside an air-conditioned store shopping.
There are many calls which have been made, of dogs trapped in hot cars. It is clear to us that the owners love their pets and are not doing this intentionally to harm them, but they should be aware that high temperatures in the cars can be scorching in minutes. This harm the dogs as they only cool themselves by sweating themselves through their paw pads and by panting.
Help us create awareness of not leaving the pets inside hot cars. Always we will respond to any 911 call made to help them!
On a 78 degrees day, with the car windows open, a car can heat up to 160 degrees within minutes, and is sufficient for the dog to die, as the ASPCA indicates.
Don’t hesitate to call 911 wherever to see an animal trapped in a hot car.
See what happens to the dog in the video, and SHARE to educate people how dangerous it can be!



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