What comes into your mind when you hear about waterslides? I believe most of us develop a picture of seeing kids having fun. But did you ever know you can have a great summer if you slide down a water surface at great speeds while at the same time having access to cool water below? The video below was created by people from the park where this kind of enjoyment takes place and it’s one of the greatest thing you can opt for over this summer.
The BSR Cable Park is the name of the place where the cool and short film originated from. Back in 2013, the park which is based in Texas was voted #1. Watch the clip below and let us know whether it’s a place you will wish to visit. As for me, I can’t wait for the chance to present itself.
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h/t http://waterslide.amazing-stories.tv/may-think-normal-waterslide-see-bottom-wow


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