What would you give up on if somebody offered you to throw out all of the stress sources in a magical dustbin?
The key against stress is not to continue the uncomfortable working on a task which already bored you, but to be ready to work less. Some things which you do in your life just make the situation more difficult and with running to that attitude you actually heat up the things.

In stressful situations, when your worries press you, you should help yourself and change these 10 things:
1. Stop trying to please everybody.
2. Stop justifying your actions.
3. Stop feeling that all of the things need your immediate reaction, simply some things may wait.
4. Allow yourself to be unavailable for others if you feel like that. It is OK to say now to hanging put.
5. Stop believing that you need that chance which you don’t have in order to be happier or more successful. It is not true that there is one thing which power is so big so it rules with your success and failure. There is always a second chance.

6. Control your need for boasting around. There are people who will see you in your real light without the need to prove anything. These people are real!
7. Stop trying to be accepted by everybody. You will never be accepted by everybody and that is OK. Your job is to accept that fact.
8. Remember that you can’t know every detail. Life sometimes works in a mysterious way.
9. Release yourself from the idea that you have to be perfect. Mistakes happen to everybody. It is OK somebody to witness your craziness.
10. Don’t add extra stress with considering yourself responsible for the people in your environment. Trust that universal force which will help them to get their love and justice which is same for everybody. Offering support and help to others is great but when this becomes stress for you it is time to leave the situation run its own course.
When you fall under the heaviness of your stress, throw something from that carriage and you will get new energy and you will be more open and expressive.
With that new energy you will help many people.


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