We love our troops, and that’s for sure, and that’s why this video leaves a huge mark on our hearts.
Trace Adkin, a singer, came up with a very touching song to honor a war hero whose memory will forever be with us.
Patrick Nixon was deployed to a conflict zone, and he was known as both a brave soldier and an upright citizen. It’s also worth noting that Nixon’s family has a deep love for the nation, given that his own father was also a veteran of the Vietnam War.
Nixon, wanting to do something for his motherland, decided to join the Marines and serve his country, and he had his good dreams of becoming a history teacher after leaving service. However, his life was cut short when he, and his group of 8 brave marine, were ambushed and killed by terrorists as they tried to secure a bridge on 30thmarch, 2003.
The memory of this good man and his love for the country will be passed down to all the generations, and the song dedicated to him really touches our hearts.
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h/t http://cowboy.amazing-things.tv/cowboy-comes-cemetery-youre-going-cry-see-touching


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