Apart from the time we spend cleaning messes in the house, there is nothing as sweet as having a toddler around. Every moment we relate with them is special and technology has made it easy for us to record whatever pleases us. The only challenges is – it’s hard to predict when they will be at it!
In the video you are about to watch, one father was lucky enough to find her little sweetheart in the moods. The father requested his daughter Maya, a 17-month-old girl to sing “Amazing Grace,” a gospel song. I was amazed to discover that the little girl has fully mastered all the lyrics within the song. But, what she did next was the one that impressed me most!
Maya is quite different from other kids. As opposed to running away from the camera when Dad started recording, she loves being recorded. She keeps on singing the song and then all of a sudden switches to “You Are My Sunshine” and “ABC Song.” She finishes the whole drama by counting from one to ten.
Don’t you think this is a genius in the making? I believe her parents will cherish in this video forever!
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h/t http://17-months.worthytoshare.com/dad-requested-17-months-old-daughter-sing-mind-blowing


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