If there is one special thing in this world, it is the love between a brother and a sister. Lindsay and Trenton Cochran, both siblings, may understand better this statement more than anybody else. A part from sharing a very healthy sibling relationship, they also possess a close friendship. In the video, Trenton makes it public that his best friend is Lindsay, and if possible, he can take a bullet for her.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), is a condition that affects the human ability to control the muscle movement, to which Lindsay is suffering from. At the begging of the video, there is an explanation that the disease is a rare one and affects eight out of 100,000 births. Due to this condition of Lindsay, her family has undergone a hard time, to the surprise of many, it has strengthened the coming closer as a family.
One of the most beautiful things that you will ever hear is when Trenton is talking of his love to her sister. He even went ahead to shed tears on camera, while standing next to his sister, an act that will surely make me cry too.
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