There are guitarists, and then there are accomplished guitarists.
An accomplished guitarists looks exactly like Tina S, someone with the kind of talent that can move masses in the shortest time you can imagine.
Now, Tina is just 15, and she’s already making waves. When she gets her beautiful hands on a guitar, it plays itself like she’s a magician. That’s the impression you get when this talented young lady plays a song that ends up with a cool 200 beats per minute. What’s more, the video now has 31 million views and 193k subscribers are with her. Can you believe that?
You don’t have to. You just need to watch for yourself and decide that this lady is really something!
Tina happens to be a member of the DragonForce band, and her teacher recorded this good video that’ll make you love her. In the clip, she plays their hit song, “Through The Fire And Flames,” and it doesn’t take you much to know that she’s nailing it. In fact, this is the best song recorded by the group, and her talent just made it hit more.
In the video game, Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock, the song is featured, and it’s the most complicated. Well, Tina did it, and that tells much about her abilities.
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