You don’t want your kid to choke to death when you could’ve prevented it, do you?
The fact is that –as reported by The New York Times- about 34 kids are rushed into Emergency Rooms everyday as a result of choking incidents. In a whole year, the number is just chokingly shocking.
St.Johns Ambulance, a popular entity working to spread awareness about first aid practices, conducted a survey, and the results could choke you. About 40% of the parents admitted to having witnessed their kid choking, and a whopping 80% also admitted to having zero clues as to how to deal with such situations.
To better spread the message, St.Johns came up with an incredible idea. They designed an advert that’s bound to capture every eye. The video features four characters who have decided enough is enough with choking incidents, so the pen lid, jelly baby, princess and marble task themselves with the job of teaching parents and guardians how to deal with it.
Watch the clip and listen to the voices of David Mitchell, Sir John Hurt, David Williams and Johnny Vegas as they teach you how to be a hero.
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