Disclaimer: This clip might upset some viewers!
A pit bull mix walked into the porch of a stranger and collapsed. That happened in the recently passed Mother’s Day and it was noted that the 5-month-old puppy was full of wounds around his neck and head. It was believed that the wounds were a result of a dog fighting that’s illegal. Somebody called the Unleashed Pet Rescue that’s located within Topeka, KS and a female staffer arrived at the scene and rescued the dog. It’s was so perfect since a woman had turned out to be a hero during Mother’s Day.
When the woman arrived at the scene, she could not recognize the puppy since it was in a worse condition. He had some holes in the neck, his neck had big gashes and the eyes were so swollen and shut. She knew there was still some hope when she saw his tail thump. The dog was then taken in and cared for and showed some improvement with each passing day. Someone wonder what the person behind Jax’s injures was thinking about. He or she must have been so heartless!
As we speak, Jax is 6 months old and has fully recovered. What other miracle do you expect other than this?
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h/t http://collapsed.nicedogs.tv/pit-bull-collapsed-porch-cant-believe-saw-looked-puppys-chin#


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