I have witnessed horses swimming but this is something I have never known they’re capable of!
In Osgoode, Ontario, two horses who are friends had some good time when the owner decided to take them to the water – a daily routine that he had developed duringsummer when there was too much heat. Apart from obtaining a pardon from the always disturbing flies, they also had the water relieve their weight of standing all day long with their legs. The most interesting part of the whole thing is when the horses get to discover how bubbles are blown, which seem to make them as happy as ever. They really love submerging their heads underwater, then blow the bubbles the same way little kids do.
How exciting it was to watch them! The music that plays in the background just makes the video perfect! There is no lovely thing as to watch animals have nice moments. Definitely, animals too deserve the right to feel good, the way these horses are having fun in the water!
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h/t http://horses.worthytoknow.net/2-horses-discover-make-bubbles-water-happens-mesmerized


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