In the world, there are rules which do protect animals, but most of the people do not keep them.
While taking his dog out for a walk in Western Paris, Pedro Denis noticed a French Mastiff dog which seemed to be sitting on some dirt, but he was surprised to find out that she was buried alive. He reported that what was visible was her head only, and difficult to approximate the quantity of earth covering her.
According to the police, the dog’s chain was tied to a gravel sack so as not to set herself free and that she was also surrounded by stones.
The dog was dehydrated and shocked, as the police put it. Later they took it to the veterinary for recovery purposes. Within a short period of time, the police were able to locate the owner who denied to have done that, although rumors has it that he was responsible.
Information has it that the dog could not have run away because its 10 years of age and on top of that she has arthritis. The owner stands a possibility of going behind bars for 2 years and paying a fine of 32,600 dollars. Already 135,000 signatures have been signed to allow the petition of giving a maximum sentence to the owner.
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Pedro Dinis was out walking his dog, when he discovered this poor little girl. Upon further inspection, Pedro realized she was buried alive

The dog was left for dead by some cruel owner and only her head was visible from the soil. Her leash was tied to a heavy bag of gravel to prevent her from freeing herself.

Pedro quickly acted. With the help of his own pup, they began to meticulously remove the surrounding soil.

Pedro then provided the dehydrated mastiff with water.

She was then taken to a veterinary clinic and is expected to make a full recovery. Police were able to find her owner and he is expected to be charged with animal cruelty.

We’re so glad the girl is OK. You can already see this survivor is going to be loved in this new chapter of her life.


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