I know you have watched athletics clips, but I promise this one will surely make you laugh your ribs out.
These ladies really took the sport to another level!
The 2009 World Aquatics Championships were held in Rome, where Spain had 10 synchronized swimmers. These women had a wonderful performance which definitely comes from the long practice they had had.
The following video demonstrates amazing athletes swaying to their moves, with the hit “Stairway to Heaven,” by Led Zeppelin making them win the golden medal in moves. Upon seeing them for the first time, you will think they are normal swimmers. As the song starts to reach its peak, they dispose how well their synchronized moves are. Later the group demonstrates their flexibility, balancing skills and the athletic ability. What an amazing moment to see!
Before this routine, Spain had a struggle to assure a gold medal, so they made up their mind to raise this current one to another level. Characteristically, Synchronized swimming does not feature vocal music, but the team goes further to cross this typical landmark with the inclusion of the rock group of high class.
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 h/t http://mr259.amazing-stories.tv/group-10-women-perfect-synchronized-move-everybody-wondering


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