At one time, Antwerp was the largest city in Belgium — even larger than Brussels. It is still a prominent city, and on March 23, 2009 more than 200 dancers gathered together in the city’s main railway station,Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) to perform “Do Re Mi” fromThe Sound of Music. The apse in which they did the performance was huge, with the ceiling being way above the floor (the first few seconds of the video were shot from above).
As the video begins, we hear an announcement being made in Dutch (as Flemish is now officially called), and then the song as it was originally performed by Julie Andrews. At first, no one is dancing, just walking around; that does not begin until the point where she sings, “Doe a deer” at 0:44. More dancers join in on the phrase for each successive note, and they jump, twirl and perform other movements. The entire video lasts for just over four minutes.
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