If This Happens to You While Swimming At The Beach, Follow These Rules!

Rip currents, or riptides, are one of the most insidious beach dangers because many people don’t know the signs to watch for. But once you know what to look for and how to react, you can enjoy yourself safely at the beach.
How to Escape From the Rip Currents
Rip currents appear in several different ways, including a visible gap between waves on a choppy day or a section of discolored water where they have dredged up sand and sediment. They are common in areas with lots of sandbars and jetties. If you are caught in a rip current, don’t try to fight it! Keep calm and swim out of the current, parallel to the beach, then towards the shore at an angle. You will not be able to swim straight back out the way you came. If you can’t get out, don’t panic. Float or tread water and yell for help. If you are on the beach and you see someone caught in a rip current, don’t go in after them. You’ll get caught too. Get a lifeguard immediately, or if one is not available, throw something that floats out to the swimmer and yell instructions to get them out. Always stay safe and enjoy your day at the beach!


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