This family’s story is hardly able to be put into words. The roller coaster of emotions for Carolyn and Sean Savage border on the limits of endurance. Physically as well as emotionally.
Carolyn and Sean savage share one wish together: a third child. They have always dreamed of a large family, but their wish was impossible without clinical help. So instead they considered artificial insemination.
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It was a long battle that only paid off after 10 years. But you can see the wonderful result: Carolyn, in fact, became pregnant with her third child. The artificial insemination had actually functioned and everything was going according to plan.
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But as she wished for her fourth child, they faced the same problem. Should she trust nature or give things a nudge with medical help? Carolyn decided to undergo a procedure to implant an embryo into her womb from a previous insemination attempt. The joy was immense as the doctor greeted her with the unforgettable words: “Congratulations! You’re pregnant!” But after the joyous news followed a sinister realization. Because of a mixup, Carolyn was implanted with the wrong embryo. She was thus pregnant with the baby of two strangers!
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The truth struck them like a sledgehammer and both were shattered. Was it all for nothing? They refused to accept that. So the two made a very extraordinary decision: Carolyn wanted to keep the baby and deliver it. She knew that the probability of becoming pregnant again would be lowered afterward. Both also knew that so many expectations had been placed on the baby by the unknown couple. But that simply made the decision that much easier: “We see it as a gift being able to help another family. No one knows more than us how hard this way is. But we want to follow it together.” What strong words!
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The little Logan was born last Fall. He lives with his biological parents, but Carolyn and Sean visit him regularly. He is thus most likely the first and only child in the world that has two mothers. Two mothers that can look each other in the eyes and know what they owe to each other.
Imagine what must have gone through the head’s of Carolyn and Sean! You can’t imagine it. Only guess. Luckily, their story found a happy ending.
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