According to the ASPCA has released an information that only in the United States of America, there exists 13,600 community animal homes to which 3.9 million dogs are taken every year.
For instance, in a country known as Thailand, in the city of Bangkok, there are estimated to be about 120,000 street dogs wandering in the streets. Imagine this is only one city in that country, what will be the total street dogs in the whole country? If you now picture this situation globally, there surely are a lot of dogs who need to be loved and taken care of.
Although they are the same people who abandon the dogs, the number of good people outnumbers them.
A dog known as Amaze-Bob, who is a Poodle mix, was rescued in January 2015 by animal control and taken to Animal Rescue in San Diego. Before, he had been on the streets for 10 years.
When the rescuers got him, he had an intertwined hair that made it impossible to see his eyes. The first thing that was done was to shave him. While being shaven, he was found to…
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This is what Amaze-Bobb looked like when he was first brought to Synergy Animal Rescue after 10 abusive years on the streets of Los Angeles.

Bobb was looked after by a group of homeless individuals who lived on the streets in which he roamed. Not much is known about them, but it is known that poodles need to be groomed every four to six weeks. It was clear when Bobb arrived at the rescue that he had gone 10 years without a haircut.

Once he was shaved, something disturbing was discovered. Bobb’s fur was so severely matted that it had cut off circulation on his back left and front right legs, and he’d self-amputated both to survive.

Many of his teeth were rotting and most were removed. A few months later all but four were removed due to infection that nearly took his life.

Once he was given some serious TLC, a couple named Megan and Nate offered to foster him while he healed.

After a week, however, the couple was completely smitten by Bobb.

He got along famously with their two Siberian huskies and two cats.

And after a few weeks, his fur was already growing back!

Although the couple adored the senior pup, they were about to move out of state, so Bobb went back to Synergy again.

During this time, Bobb visited people with special needs in hope of inspiring them with his strong story of perseverance.

But Nate and Megan missed Bobb a lot.

Once they were moved and settled in, they decided to adopt Bobb and give him a forever home.

On June 29, 2015, Bobb flew from San Diego to his new home with Megan and Nate in Denver.


They were thrilled that Bobb remembered them and was excited to see them.


He soon began going on adventures with the couple’s huskies, Kaytu and Denali.

Everywhere the couple goes with Bobb, they share his incredible journey, scoring the tiny dog a flurry of new friends.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible for Bobb to get prosthetic limbs because it would cause him pain due to where his legs were amputated.

Regardless of the lack of limbs, his quality of life has greatly improved.

He’s even growing himself a little Mohawk.

Now this once-neglected dog is happy, safe, and most importantly, loved.

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