What does it feel like for those who can have a meal with their moms? And how would you feel if you had a chance to sit with your mom in a big restaurant and have a nice meal over a good chat. Now, what would you feel if your employer did all that for you?
There’s this popular chain of restaurants in Thailand, and they have made an ad that’s stealing every human heart on the planet. In the US, Mothers’ Day is celebrated in May, but in Thailand, they do it in August.
Now, BarBQ plaza is a great enterprise, and it’s getting even greater after they pulled a surprise for their employees. Since the workers are on duty even on holidays, the management decided to give them a nice moment with their moms during Mothers’ Day, and this video will steal your heart.
The video is all real, not stage-managed. The emotional is real, the tears are real. You can feel it too. It makes everything about mom feel so special, and it sure is.
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h/t http://video-344.viralstories.tv/work-hard-even-holidays-restaurant-teared#


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