Jenni from South Africa is known to be an adoring horse lover, breeder caretaker and rider who is the owner and creator of Saratoga Stud. She was very delighted in November of 2014, when one of her lovely mares known as Daisy got pregnant for the first time.
When the night watch discovered that daisy was in labor, he called Jenni and her co-worker since she was already seven days late from her birth date. They arrived there in time to help with the giving birth of a beautiful colt, which was named Don Quixote. However happy with the coming of Don Quixote to the world, they were a little bit concerned with the small size of him yet her mother is a massive horse.
Few moments later, the pet dogs of Jenni were barking nonstop. When the co-worker and she went to check, they were surprised to what they found out. It seemed to them that daisy was in labor again! She lay at the floor pushing out another colt, but was interrupted when she saw Don Quixote standing to his feet. Noticing that, the co-worker pulled the foal out as jenni grabbed it. They kept still hoping for the foal to be alive since it was so slim. Surprisingly, the heart was beating. This daughter to daisy was tiny but mighty and was named Duet. In no time she was on her feet ready to suckle from her mother!
Later Jenni confessed that currently the young ones spend most of the time out grazing and meeting other foals, and only see their mom when are drinking milk. She went on to say that they are a reason for joy for the past months and will forever remain in Saratoga and never to be sold since they are considered a miracle.
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