Watching this video made me feel as if I was interfering with tow lovers’ privacy. I wish you could have had a look at my face!
The ever amazing Duo Osmose that features Martin Charrat and LudivineFurnon who are dancers are performing Knie circus’ “Ohlala” in Zurich. I must confess, this happens to be the se-xiest dance which I have ever watched.
If you have always wanted to watch a performance that allows your mind to come up with the true picture after watching the art, this one fits the bill. If I’m not wrong, from when “All By Myself” was performed by Charice, I have never again felt like I did on this occasion. This really stunned the audience!
Synergy, strength, love and rust is what this routine is all about. It gets even better since the performers are full of talent and athleticism like never before.
Martin and Ludivine have what it takes to make a dance touching, gorgeous and erotic – and that is what they exactly do over here. When you watch them out, you definitely notice these are dancers who love what they are doing since everything in their performance looks effortlessly easy. They kill it off at 2:30. Amazing!
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