Tricia Seaman has been working for 14 years at Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg, PA., as a nurse. Most patients said that there was something weird about her.
She is not the only Tricia within this story, another Tricia Somers was hospitalized when she was discovered to be having cancer.
When Somers was in the recovery process, Seaman happened to enter her room, which brought change suddenly.
Somers said that the moment she saw Seaman, she felt relaxed. She had never felt something like that before with anybody else.
Somers got the shocking news that her sickness was incurable, which meant that her son of 8 years of age would become motherless. Seaman said that Somers ran into her and gave her a hug.
Somers asked Seaman if she could adopt her son in case she passed away.
Although she was not used to Seaman who made her feel relaxed when she first saw her, she was courageous enough to ask her the question.
After some family consultation, she not only took Somers’ son, but also her mother too!
When Seaman was asked the reason of doing something so touching to a stranger, her response was that it’s the correct thing to do- doing more than the required!
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