This happened in a country called Thailand. You need to watch it.
We’re bringing you an ad from Thailand, but does not mean that there are no ads in the USA. But it’s because they really deserve the appraisal of their professionalism. The following clip will surely make tears roll down your cheek without your consent.
The clip starts as the owner of some big shop opens the doors of the stores daily to find a homeless person sleeping at the outside. He goes ahead to react in a bad manner by kicking, pouring water on him, and shouting at him too without asking what he was doing there or what was the problem with him.
Finally he ceased to sleep at the outside of his store door. The owner goes as usual to open the door but he doesn’t see him. A female neighbor briefs him that he is no longer there. That’s when he goes inside the store and takes a look at what the security camera had recorded.
The lesson that the video is trying to teach us is that we should never treat people from the way they appear. After seeing this video, I vowed to change the way I treat people.
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