If you were to be asked, the response for sure will be that you have listened to this song a number of times. But if you hear this version, you will definitely note the difference.
“Hallelujah,” is a song by Leonard Cohen that has been sang by many singers and it’s a difficult task to name all of them. From my point of view, this is a simple and wonderful song what was ever written, with its message getting sweeter and sweeter every day. The best thing with this song is that it can be sang in a different language.
In the below clip, “Hallelujah” is performed by the unique Celtic Thunder. It doesn’t care if you are a fan or not of Irish music, this group residing that resides in Dublin is amazing, more so when it comes to singing this “Hallelujah.” Just for introduction purposes, Celtic Thunder is composed of 5-6 singers who are popular in stage acting, and have done their performances all over the world.
Watch their performance video below and I promise that you will be emotionally carried. Please don’t watch it alone, SHARE it with your family and friends!

h/t http://celtic.worthytoknow.net/version-made-lots-of-people-to-shed-tears


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