For the official 2015 Halloween video, YouTube makeup guru Promise, decided to do something different that would be both amazing and scary. She did a “Double Vision” on her face, whereby she painted the mouth, nose, eyebrows, and eyes double. Although you got to be patient when doing all this drawing, but all the Halloween attention will be on you.
In order to come up with the double face effect, she made use of all her cosmetic techniques. She managed to make it look like it’s real by employing false contours, lashes and other features. She is so skilled that when she finished, I could not differentiate the real face of her from the drawn ones! Although I have seen experienced artists, she really took it to another level.
An important note from Promise, to all is that your brains can begin to hurt if you stare at it for a long time. Watch the people’s reaction when they see her in the video below.
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