Many people believe unwaveringly that the OTHERS live among us. Others think it's just a case of an over-active imagination: we are talking about ghosts. But no matter what camp you're in, these 11 pictures will send shivers down your spine. For these scary pictures were taken all over the world, and can't be explained with rational responses at the first look.
This woman believed that her house was haunted by a ghost. Her husband took this picture when they were alone in the house. But look in the window...

A doctor took this picture of his colleagues in a hospital in Bolivia. But what is THAT in the elevator? 

This picture was taken at a young girl's birthday party in the 1970s. But then someone found the head of a kid protruding from the bottom of the photo. The strange thing: the birthday kid's mother says that the head looks like Maree, one of her daughters that died years before the party. Maybe she came back to celebrate the birthday with her sister?

A ghost is supposedly captured in this picture at a local courthouse. Do you see the floating woman writing in a notebook?

A man in Japan took a picture of his daughter. In the circle, you can see the boots of a man. But there's no one behind the girl...

This picture of a "shadow man" was taken by Polly Gear in an abandoned, old prison in Virginia. You can see a dark figure illuminated by her flashlight.

According to the legend of the "Slenderman," the faceless figure appears with unnaturally long extremities in pictures of people shortly before they disappear. He is said to follow victims, to wear them down mentally and drive them into insanity and eventually suicide.
Youtube/The Dromort76

In 1975, Peter Berthelot photographed his wife praying alone in a church in the Worstead Church in Norfolk, England. But, who is the shining white figure on the church bench behind her?

This woman from the UK took a selfie of her, her son, and her friend. If no one else was in the room, then whose hands are those in the back?
Youtube/Berita Ngetrend

In 1968 in Minnesota, a woman was watching her husband opening up Christmas gifts. Then she suddenly sees an outstretched hand emerging from the screen - while the TV was turned off.
Facebook/The Paranormal Guide 2

This picture was taken with a cellphone camera. The little, crying girl in the corner did not want to be in the picture because the "little boy is scaring her." The mother of the girl thought that she was just being dramatic. But under closer inspection (look at knee level) she realized why her daughter was crying.
Facebook/Weird Facts

Since seeing these 11 photos, I've had a constant supply of goosebumps all over my body. If these 11 pictures also gave you the creeps, then share these shocking pictures with everyone that you know!


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