In America, bullying is on the increase. Almost everybody in our time got bullied and had to look for a way out. But since the social media became the talk of the day, it has enhanced the bullying to each corner of the world.
Those old times, the bullying would end when one finished schooling, and never to be bothered again with it. But with this contemporary world where there is a full-time internet connection, our kids are being bullied by words that are very insulting.
Basically they are bullied from the time they wake up, board the bus to school, at school, and also when they are about to go to sleep. All this is able with the use of the computer.
In the following video, we see a father getting upset when her daughter confessed to him that she is being bullied at school. For the purpose of showing his daughters how much he loved them, he decided to compose a poem which speaks about how adorable they are.
He later transformed the poem to a hip hop song called “Love Yourself,” and saw to it that all the family members participated! This is not his first time for Khari Toure, as he had produced a song before which described the beauty of his friend, which got famous overnight.
Watch and listen to the video song below. Comment below to help create confidence to this little girl so that she can know she is pretty! Don’t forget to SHARE this video to all the family and friends!



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