We all love kids. Although kids can prove to be mischievous at times, but they are lovely. This video features a man who is an elementary school custodian who adores kids. He is a hard working guy as he wakes up early to go and clean the school. When asked, he said that he never wanted children to come to school and find it dirty.  The teachers confessed that he really took care of school buildings, the teachers themselves and the students. Patton enjoys being with kids making them smile. He revealed that when he sees children smile, he becomes happy.
On one normal day, the teachers together with the students decided to show Mr. Patton how much they loved and cared for him. When Mr. Patton saw the gathering of the students at the gym, he thought that they were performing a routine, but little did he know it was all about him. When all was ready they gave him a call asking him to come to the gym to clean because there was something that had spilled on the floor. He immediately took the cleaning materials and rushed to the gym. When he opened, what a surprise he found. All the students of the elementary school were there with cards and gifts to hand him. He was so touched by this that he couldn’t help to cry because of the emotion.
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h/t http://custodian.amazing-stories.tv/teacher-calls-custodian-clean-gym-opens-gym-door-surprise#


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