Every pet owner has a reason why he loves his or her pet. This is because there are things that the pets do that call their attention. Some prefer pets because they are entertaining to look at, some because they wash away stress by having them, while others prefer having pets because they keep them company when they feel lonely.
In the clip below, we clearly see why this owner has a cat named Belle as his pet. When his wife went away to work, he had to remain a lone in the house to do some cleaning. Since he has an understanding cat who knows how difficult it is to be washing the utensils alone in the kitchen, it decides to keep him company. The cat gets on the shoulder of his owner and keeps watch on how the utensils are being cleaned, maybe it is because this cat looks forward to wash the utensils one day!
When you have a closer look, you will see that cats really do have very funny poses. Belle has his front legs tucked in the shirt pocket of the owner. My opinion is that Belle doesn’t want his legs to get wet.
Watch the video below and let us know if you have a similar pet like Belle who keeps you company by commenting in the section below! Please SHARE this lovely clip to all your friends on Facebook who love cats!

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